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The ONLY Thing that matters is PAGE 1

. It is not your GRANDFATHER'S ADVERTISING.. THIS is YOUR company on PAGE 1 Organic Search Results.

The Digital Client

This is all about getting your business a constant suppluy of new clients to choose from.  The internet provides the far and away best opportunity for a truly automated marketing campaign.  


.The Front Page of Goolge offers the first ever marketing for small business at "the Right Time & the Right Place", each and every time your next client goes to connect with the services you offer!

So, What is AdSerps©?

These days it's all or nothing.  Over 80% of the time your next potenial client is using the internet at some point to connect with your business.
AdSerps is placing your business on Page 1 of the search engines. It's that simple...

Mobile SEO

We live in a fast paced, results-oriented world; more and more of your customers are fulfilling their needs from their tablets or mobile phones. Find out more on how we have specifically advocated for a dominant mobile platform for your search results placement.

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Keyword Phrases are how your next client will find you Online

We acheive many of our search engine result placements (SERPS) on the first page of Google, Bing, & Yahoo via our MASSIVE inventory of original, relevant, & organic digital media/content. We can create content for you-help you create content-or we can MAKE YOUR CONTENT OR SITE VISIBLE on PAGE 1!

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Common Sense
Solutions - FAST!

Easy, Logical Solutions for Search Engine Visibility, so that YOU can run YOUR business! And we're not talking 90 days...or even 45 days. We've placed on Page 1 of Google in under 1 hour - no kidding. Obviously results will vary, but we will drive your content and brand your company in the search results FASTER and with more longevity than any option in the market - GUARANTEED!

It's really this easy!?

YES, It's that EASY....and the BEST part is you'll begin to see RESULTS almost more Smoke & Mirrors Marketing that leaves you wondering if you EVER get results... We'll handle the 1st page organic exposure for you! 

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Is "SEO" & Online Marketing Dead?

By Sam Parkins

          What you believed about website ranking and online marketing is dead. Gone are the days that you can get your website in top search results just by optimizing your site, adding some high value links, and performing traditional SEO "work".  Yes, those are good things to do, but they (yes, the proverbial "they" as in all the "professionals" out there included) cannot keep up. It's not easy to keep up with Google, and there's certainly no more credit given to keyword stuffing!
          But don't worry [and this isn't the typical "we'll save you pitch"] there are things you can do. In fact, if you have the time, you can easily control your search results, website ranking and much more. On this site, we're going to give you information to help you get what you want and need, RANK!

          Every business needs visitors (or customers). Online, this would be eyes on your site, or clicks to your site. Seems obvious to us that this number could only grow with the increased exposure of a higher page rank.  There are many factors that can affect rank. To name a few of which we feel are very important:

          - Original Content
          - Video Content
          - Strong links
          - Multiple platforms
          - Strong social brand and connections

And yes, some value added through proper engineering and SEO. What Does it Mean for YOU?: We'll describe and help you follow what has allowed us massive success in online marketing, ranking, and optimal results for all that we do....

  • Click here to read the entire article about SEO and online marketing

Who Needs the Cover of People when I'm on the Cover of Google?

Matthew Jaeger and Sam Parkins

          We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Most of us have dreams, aspirations, and the desire to make all that we can out of this package of time and carbon that we call our lives. However ambitious you may be, most of us fall into our daily routines and segment our lives in order to deal with the load of an ordinary yet sometimes chaotic life. Which is a good thing, seriously. If we were all ants we certainly couldn't all be the queen bee. We need order, we need rules, familiarity, habit, and we need purpose. 

          Every now and again someone has aspirations to be a leader, or an exceptional athelete, or an exceptional singer, actor, humanitarian, you name it. Tip your cap to these fine folks. Not all of them may be good people, but not all good people are in a position of influence. The next time you feel yourself not applauding success, ask yourself if there's something you could be doing better. Could you be making more money? Could you be getting promotions? Could you be expanding your business? Could you be franchising?

         This isn't meant to be an introspective narrative nor an indictment. The fact of the matter is that we all want to be important. We want purpose. 

          It will certainly be different for all, but we're contending that our purpose is to help you succeed financially. If there's any other medium of advertising out there that can offer the type of branding and exposure that a Page 1 Google serp (search result) can give you (at the price) I certainly beg you to inform us. We will gladly purchase ANYTHING at the value and weight that Page 1 carries. 

          We are in fact lucky in a sense (in the advertising world) that we can target our audience with such accuracy and verocity as to allow us to show up for any given keyword (term). If I owned a pizza place in Chicago I can show up for the keyword, "pizza delivery south Chicago" and have every single person that types in that phrase in my location see my post. Chances are it'll help my business; certianly can't hurt it. Or if I owned an winery in Napa Valley I could keyword, "wine tasting specials napa valley" and get the word out for my business to attract customers for a sale. You get the point.

          Nobody can tell the future. However, we can certainly hedge our bets. We're betting (and I bet you would too - no pun intended) on the organic results from Google, Facebook (what???), Bing, Yahoo, etc. Numbers don't lie and millenials are only going to exasserbate the stress for all business owners to show results on Page 1 organically. We're going so far to get on Page 1 that we've made a business out of it so we can help you get there too. 

          Just imagine the search results as real estate. And to keep it simple, just imagine any city as the real estate markets all convey. Page 5 on Google is probably the very rural outlying areas. The 30 to 45 minute commute to work in town. Still better than Page 9 - the trash can, but a lot to be desired. Page 4 is getting a little better - the suberbs. Life is good but we're still driving into town. Page 3 has some folks that work from home and moves into the outskirts of town. Mixed use areas and a decent place to invest in your home. Page 2 is just outside of town and we're waiting for the expansion to head our way. As town grows and envelops our area we get to increase our real estate! However, there's still nothing left for the downtown real estate - the page 1. They're just not making any more dirt in that part of town. Natural supply and demand has allowed for prices to skyrocket in search of a small roof top in order to call our home or business. It's not for the faint of heart and only the "big boys" can play ball in town. This is where people get noticed. The celebrities live in town. The developers eat up every piece of dirt in town. It's the only place to be someone and rise above the rest. 

          Google is not making any more page results on Page 1. Once we take the first page results - we don't leave. There's only 10 spaces total...that's some high dollar real estate if you ask us. So what's it worth to you, to your business, to your company? Do you want to take that chance that your competitors grab that front page real estate? Here - and only here on this site - it has LITERALLY NEVER BEEN EASIER TO PURCHASE YOUR FRONT PAGE REAL ESTATE. Keep reading, and understand that when you get to the bottom of this site there is only one result. For less time than it takes you to check your email on a given morning and for less cost than you might pay for your business cards YOU COULD BE ON PAGE 1 IN AS SOON AS A DAY! 

SERPS, Google & Your Business

"Only Pay for Results"

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  Simply put, SEO is how Google knows what the pages of your website are about.  What does that matter to you?  Different people will use different phrases to access your services via Google's Search Engine. 
You must make certain that your web pages are specifically optimized to reflect the top ways your potential clit cents will search for your services or products.  
It takes networking, it takes constant content, and it takes an viable and credible linking and networking system to reach the front page of Google for all of the keywords that identify with your success.  Don't worry about that part though, that's what we're best at.  
That's why we're so confident in the results we offer our clients, we do the SEO for FREE until you're on the Front Page already....Only Pay for RESULTS.  
Results will vary based on the credibility of your website and it's time online. Most of our clients see results within the first 30 Days.

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What Is AdSerps?

AdSerps are the term we use that places your content or website on the first page of an organic search result. In other words, it's not putting you in the paid advertising section but rather your paying to be in the regular search results section (where it's said the organic results "win 94% of the time" - that means you will be where your customers can see you!!!)

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How do you get the search results?

Most other companies give you the "proprietary system" response. We don't. We've been building this for over 6 years, we have a TON of "ranking" experience, and we pump out more original web content than kittens wearing hats!

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How do you use my content?

We can use your pictures, videos, website, or any other form of content you wish for us to compile. We may have a video ranked for your desired keyword and when you say "go" we'll switch your video into our spot on the results.

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What if it falls off the first page?

You'll see we have a set pricing structure that includes ranking on Page 1 - THAT'S ALL WE DO. We are so confident in our abilities that you will NOT PAY if your content falls off of Page 1 Google results. 

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Are there any contracts?

Absolutely not. If it doesn't rank (again, we've never had one fall off) then you don't pay. We work on a month to month basis and you are not locked in by any means. 

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How do I know it works?

You will not pay a dime until we have an organic Page 1 result with your information on it. It is risk-free and there are no strings attached. You will know when you run a search for your keyword and see your company's result (we'll also contact you because we know you're busy).

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How many keywords are included?

Our partnership is for only one keyword. There are thousands of variations of any given keyword and we'd have to charge a LOT more to cover them all. You will certainly have the ability to purchase more than one and we absolutely offer a multiple keyword discount.

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One (1) Keyword



  • $199 per Keyword Result
  • $199 up front
  • Risk-Free; No Hassle
  • Guaranteed Results


Three (3) Keywords



  • $166 per Keyword Result
  • $499 up front
  • Risk-Free; No Hassle
  • Guaranteed Results


Six (6) Keywords



  • $133 per keyword
  • $799 up front
  • Risk-Free; No Hassle
  • Guaranteed Results

The Orchid Station

You guys got me straight to the front page in no time. It was super easy and for the exact keywords I wanted my business to show for. Great experience all around! -Mark

You guys had my information on Page 1 within 2 hours, it was absolutely unbelievable!

Sarah Donaldson

We've worked a REALLY long time trying to get to our company on the first page of Google. Not only did we get there immediately using Adserps but we've also saved a pile of money in the process - for better results than we ever got ourselves.

Jeremy Engles